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Eight Limbs of Yoga

Limb one, the five yamas, deals with one's own ethical standards and integrity, focusing on behavior and how we conduct our lives.

Ahimsa Nonviolence
Satya Truthfulness
Asteya Nonstealing
Brahmacharya Continence
Aparigraha Noncovetousness

Limb two, the five niyamas, have to do with self-discipline and spiritual observances.

Saucha Cleanliness
Samtosa Contentment
Tapas Spirituality
Svadhyaya Self awareness
Isvara pranidhana Surrender
Asana The "Postures" or "Poses" of yoga, help us to develop the ability to concentrate.
Pranayama Breath control and awareness of the connection between the breath, mind and emotions.
Pratyahara Withdrawal of the senses, to remove worldly destractions in order to better observe ourselves.
Dharana The advanced practice of concentration that allows us to focus on one single mental object, like our breath, a sound, an image.
Dhyana Meditation or contemplation, a heightened state of awareness without the need of focus.
Samadhi The realization of interconnectedness with all living things, often referred to being "enlightened"


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